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66th Primetime Emmy Awards|| Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series

Aaron Paul as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad


Interesting fact:

The BBC series Doctor Who ended in 2010. It was replaced by a show called Doctor Who Cares Now That Steven Moffat’s in Charge. The title of the latter show is often shortened for the sake of brevity. This has caused much confusion amongst viewers with many believing that the two series are one and the same.


they are all together 

SAMCRO at the table 


When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection



I am haunted by all the editions of books that are prettier than the ones I already own.

"Putting myself in those shoes and trying to understand things like infidelity and sometimes the lack of respect for women. The misogynistic flavor seems pretty prolific in that world, and I’ve always found it a little tricky."

- Charlie Hunnam on what biker behavior he disagrees (x)


it infuriates me when people tell me “lifes too short to not forgive people!” like NO lifes too short for me to continually allow abusive and manipulative behavior in my life and live in a constant state of anxiety bc I want to be “nice” or whatever