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ugh I’m having a biker emergency HELP

I can’t find a single gif or screen shot of Juice’s naked ass and I’m upset about it

how could you let me down like this tumblr


okay we all know Juice is gonna die, I get if he isn’t your fav but

ya’ll actively wishing for his death better not be defending Jax as he literally carves swastikas in people


I don’t know who Allison Argent is but I’m sad she died

okay I’ve seen one too many pictures of Theo with a long-sleeved shirt buttoned up to his throat in the middle of summer to not ~wonder about it now (also the lack of juice hawk)

like WHAT IF Juice actually has a bunch of new scary tatts like I’ve been dreaming of

what if he’s gone totally rat and joined some other gang for protection 

what if his Sons tatts are all blacked out

what if he has like…all kinds of scars or scary injuries



lol so funny Juice talking about how if he’s found he’s dead 

and the next shot of them tossing a body in a grave in the woods






echemes replied to your post: I want someone who follows me who’s no…

Bikers. Jax is an asshole. Juice is being treated unfairly?? Gemma is a bitch. Tara is amazing and she dead. No idea about the story line??

That’s actually all of it, you don’t have to worry about the storyline



what-now-my-love replied to your post: I want someone who follows me who’s no…

They wear moto gear. (Don’t recall seeing gifs of them riding a moto?), Theo Rossi. That’s it… That’s all I know.

Theo Rossi + motorcycles yes best description yet


and lol they do actually ride a bit on the show but it doesn’t make for as nice of gifs as charlie hunnam’s ass so


heywaitgreatsmile replied to your post: I want someone who follows me who’s no…

And all I know is that they are bikers and they look like bad ass but sometines they r goofy and yeah…what I know is because of your posts lol



northskyphotography replied to your post: I want someone who follows me who’s no…

Motorcycles. Bad-ass softies. Maybe drugs? Also, that guy with the biceps.

I’m sure you meant Charlie Hunnam but I’m putting a Juice gif here anyway he’s ripped as hell


(you’re welcome)


queenofthegeese replied to your post: I want someone who follows me who’s no…

There’s motorcycles, and Charlie H and Katey Segal. Tara died/was killed? Charlie’s character and Tara had a baby. I think it might be too violent for me; I’m not sure lol. That’s all I can think of at the moment. :)

If you think it might have been too violent I promise you it was lol, there’s like video game levels of violence in this show ugh

but let’s look at Charlie talking with his hands like a dork while wearing plaid, so much nicer



gracehasbobsdeadwifesheart replied to your post: I want someone who follows me who’s no…

Um it’s about bikers who are cute? And the young brunette is treated badly or something :O that’s all I know

'the young brunette is treated badly”


Anonymous: "Is "asshole" a term of endearment?:) #Jax"



I’m glad you mention though because it’s very important (well to no one but me lbr BUT) that it’s understood when I call Jax an asshole it is NOT meant in an ironic tumblr obsessive fangirl way like ‘omg asshole who ruined my life/blog etc!!! i h8 ur face!!!’ 

Like I genuinely hate s5 and later Jax (really even earlier than that, he was a real asshole to Tara even before then). It’ll be nice if he gets a redemption arc before he dies in season 7 but otherwise I’m so over him and his self-created manpain -  he’s a violent, toxic, manipulative asshole and I have no pity for him (other than his grief for Tara and Opie but that’s a separate thing and not an excuse for the psychotic gangster he’s apparently becoming in season 7).

That said, please don’t  confuse my sad fangirl Charlie Hunnam thirst + endless reblogged gif sets for Jax love, cause it ain’t the same thing.

lol Jax literally carving swastikas into people

and there will still be fans all ‘omg i luv him he’s so hott!!! just misunderstood!!! man pain!!! poor bby jax!! at least his mom loves him!! wow he’s so HoTT!!!’


"We see Juice in isolation, butt naked, his signature hair shaved down, doing push ups, looking more alone than ever. If he’s not in prison, it seems he’s on the run. At the very least, he’s in the darkest place imaginable — which says something, considering the depths of despair Juice has already visited."

- mtv.com (x)

my season 7 juice-is-gonna-die anxieties:

  • that it’ll be extra slow and painful and terrible and drawn out just to be extra painful and terrible and drawn out
  • that chibs will be involved / the one to kill him / he’ll die in his arms
  • that tig will be involved because his bff kim ugh no
  • that gemma will be involved ugh go away gemma 
  • that he’ll try to redeem himself but just end up causing more problems for the club and himself by extension and then die ‘a rat’ anyway
  • that he’ll die and later chibs will realize he meant well all along and then have all kinds of guilt about it idk that relationship means too much a lot to me and I know sutter will use it….badly
  • that he will finally succeed in killing himself or sacrificing himself for the good of the club in some kind of ‘redemption arc’
  • (and that’s like a best case scenario how fucked is this show)
  • he’ll be framed for Tara’s murder by gemma or some shit
  • he’ll unintentionally be the cause of another brother’s death (again) lol yay MORE GUILT
  • he’ll find some small ray of happiness or love and then LOL DEAD
  • evil season 7 jax will use him, string him a long, torture and then kill him anyway GET AWAY FROM MY BABY JAX
  • theo running around with no mohawk because juice is probably either on the run or already dead or getting shanked in a prison by marilyn manson alskdfjasdl;fjwoei@#$!%damnit



the death of Tara Knowles is my super villain origin

so I’m late but I just saw the news about Tommy being on twitter



watching him retweet stuff on my feed like


I think the thing that is disappointing me the most about season 7 is that Charlie still has slicked back hair


okay real talk

I say this as a huge, psychotic Sons of Anarchy fan - anyone who genuinely thinks anything about season 6 outside of Maggie Siff deserved an Emmy nomination needs to check themselves and their standards of quality television, sorry


the more I hear about season 7 the more I just