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Undeclared - Lloyd shirtless.

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Embry Larkin | Abandon (2002)


Here is a baby lily pod to brighten up your day


Here is a baby lily pod to brighten up your day


Screen caps of George Harrison filming Olivia and Dhani, from Living in the Material World (a snippet is also available courtesy of YouTube, here).

""Dhani (pronounced something like Danny) is a delight. His name is made up from two notes of the Indian musical scale, dha and ni, and doesn’t mean ‘wealth’, as was reported soon after his birth.

He is a bright, creative child, currently hooked on space toys. He speaks with a quaint upper-class English accent. Mum and Dad aren’t quite sure how he picked it up.

Perhaps it is the influence of his nanny, Rachael. Not that she is the plum-in-mouth, sensible-shoes type of nanny so often depicted in British films. She looks more like a flower child with her cheesecloth dress, flowing hair and scrubbed, glowing skin.

There is none of the relegate-the-child-to-the-nursery-where-mama-and-papa-will-visit routine in the Harrison household.

Olivia spends hours each day playing with Dhani, and George talks to him like an adult, and patiently answers his never-ending stream of questions.

Consequently, at three and a half, the boy prattles away in a manner that would put to shame children twice his age.

George feels they spoil Dhani, but admits he is drawing comparisons with his own childhood: ‘We were lucky to get one present at Christmas time.’

Most of Dhani’s toys are educational. When he outgrows them they are passed on to charities.” - The Australian Women’s Weekly, 28 April 1982

Nobody really knew the show. So you got this guy and this other guy in a cop uniform on location in Downtown L.A.. filming; and now we when film, there’s hundreds of people watching, there’s paparazzi. At that point, maybe one guy walking over going, “how long are you guys gonna be here? you’re blocking the street.” And i’m the guy standing there in these construction boots and a diaper with tattoos on my head, what did they think we were filming? No one even knows what’s going on and we’re telling them it’s a tv show, they’re going, “what kind of tv show is this? this guy has his ass crack out.” […] It was pretty surreal. I didn’t opt for a robe. I was just walking around with this diaper in, you know. Fond memories. [x]


Maggie Siff and Charlie Hunnam being adorable at SOA Premieres.