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CJ Cregg, Donna Moss and Carol Fitzpatrick letting their hair down at a Justice For Vets event (14 Sept 2014). (x)

Donna’s like two-three days away from unspooling, it’s pretty fun to watch’


favourite west wing episodes

Inauguration: Over There 4x15

get to know me meme: [1/10] female characters - Donna Moss

"…which I guess makes me the Deputy Deputy Chief of Staff."

Do you ever think about quitting?

The West Wing Rewatch
: Bartlet & CJ in ‘The Portland Trip’ (2x07)


Ready for the reunion #westwing x x


In which I extol the virtues of Donnatella Moss 


So, a couple of days ago, the feminist website Jezebel posted a request for help finding the coat that Donna wears in “The Cold”. Making this a prime example of ‘for god’s sake, don’t read the comments’, responses to the post largely had nothing to do with Donna’s attire and everything to do with how weak and pathetic she is. Rather than following through on my first inclination to stomp down the street with a large stick and indiscriminately hit things with it, I decided to channel my anger into this ridiculously long post on why Donna Moss is a feminist angel.

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