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Filming The West Wing, “20 Hours in America”

I think I can be good at this.

I think I can be good at this.

she’s here because she’s invaluable.


There’s no one in this room who wouldn’t rather die than let you down, you know.


the west wing meme∞ nine scenes [6/9]

  • Shoot the snake
    Manchester Part 2 


Little West Wing Moments: Donna’s “What A Shame” Folder (46/∞)

What's that?

It's my "What a Shame" folder. All the stuff we never
have time for. The stuff we thought we'd fix when we
got here, but we never did. Foreign adoption policy.
Hybrid energy partnerships. Extending the roadless
conservation plan. Okay this one's not a shame, I just
didn't want to deal with it. Funding special education
for kids with disabilities. Ammunition control. What's a
gun without bullets? A 21st Century Teachers Corps.
We've got all those baby boomer teachers retiring.
Mentor programming...

who does what? 


an extended insight into the lives of CJ and Toby, using a meme of domesticity I found on here a while ago:

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