Welcome to the dollhouse.

You know what the worst part about this is? It’s the party they’re having in the West Wing right now at my expense. They like to win, and then they like to gloat.
I’m sure you’re wrong. There are very serious men and women at the White House. There’s no cause to gloat.


SORKIN - Up until the pilot aired, no one knew that the abbreviation for President of the United States was POTUS. Sam says it at the beginning.

WHITFORD I thought it was some sort of sexual euphemism.

SHEEN - I said, ”I don’t really know how you want me to play this — and who is this guy, Jed Bartlet?” Aaron said, ”He’s you, Martin. You don’t have to go anywhere. You just have to go inside.” That’s what I did.

MOLONEY - During my first scene, Leo comes in and asks for Josh, so I turn around and scream ”Josh!” without getting up from my chair. Leo replies, ”I could have done that, Donna.” We did a couple of takes, and afterwards John said, ”You’re going to be here until the curtain comes down. ” He was the first person to say that.

SCHIFF - I had to recite all this aeronautical nomenclature to the stewardess on a plane after she told me to shut off my cell phone. It was the beginning of a tradition of both drinking in Allison’s trailer and being ambushed with a four-page monologue that you’d have to shoot that day after lunch.

JANNEY - Martin was always eating. I think he took the job for craft services, because he always had food in his mouth while they were trying to shoot.

oh, there’s more.

I played the character knowing that she was knocked down, 100 percent, dead-in-front-of-a-bus in love with her boss. Every scene, I did not care if it was about taxes or about, you know, getting rid of the penny, it was all about me being in love with him.JM

Nancy, run get the President a banana. 
I really don’t want a banana.


i was not emotionally prepared for this


The 20 Best Josh and Donna Scenes

18. Handsome and powerful..

Josh and Donna know a fair bit about behaviour “for the sake of appearances”, but by Season 4, their act is slipping. This outrageous display of explicit flirtation in Evidence of Things Not Seen could easily lead the uninitiated viewer to believe they were already married. In truth, the only real outrage is the fact that they weren’t. This is a favourite of mine because of the insight it gives into what their dynamic would be like once they were together. 

"If politics brings out the worst in people, then maybe people bring out the best."


what was I before the west wing?

nvm i don’t want to know.

The West Wing Rewatch
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