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the west wing

in the shadow of two gunmen, parts 1 and 2


GET TO KNOW ME MEME[1/10] female characters → donna moss

“I just want to grow in my job, do something meaningful, do more than earn a paycheck until I die.”

These people who would walk into fire if you told them to. These people who showed up to lead. These people who showed up to fight.


20 Hours on a Bandwagon (3/?) - The West Wing + text posts

made by verbivore8642 & splendidiorvitro 

"Mrs. Landingham: How are you, Josh?
Josh: I’ve been subpoenaed.
Mrs. Landingham: Oh, I’m sorry, dear. Would you like a cookie?"

- Lord John Marbury, The West Wing. (via jenjeahaly)

Allison Janney + 5/? emmy moments

+ Leo McGarry - The West Wing -

+ Leo McGarry - The West Wing -