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The 15 Most Iconic Josh-Donna Moments, Ranked 


text posts + The West Wing (2/?): sam seaborn edition


not kidding the thing i want most from this show is for nero to be the one to find out about gemma killing tara and tell jax

cause i want that bitch to feel betrayal from someone she loves

Theo Rossi laying down some fucking truth. [x]

Theo Rossi laying down some fucking truth. [x]


Ready for the reunion #westwing x x


“Have you gotten any of the Sons of Anarchy cast into running?  


I run with Kim Coates [who plays Tig Trager on the show] all the time. I even got him wearing compression socks. He got all embarrassed because the paparazzi took a photo of him with his big old compression socks. It was really funny because now I see him wearing pants over his compression socks because he doesn’t want people taking pictures of him.[x]


Theo and Kim….compression sock buddies!

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I’m warning you all right now that 98% of what I reblog after Tuesday will be Sons of Anarchy and there is a 100% chance you will all be sick of me.


i would pay really good money to have a remake of ds9 where everything is exactly the same but odo constantly looks into the camera like he’s jim from the office

In my dreams I’m dying all the time.

In my dreams I’m dying all the time.